I provide two types of services known as lessons.

Functional Synthesis (FS) Lessons

These are hands-on lessons where you will be fully clothed and lie on a table or sit in a chair and I will gently move various parts of your body. The movements are slow, gentle and pain-free. The purpose of this form of treatment is to show you and your brain how your body can move and how these movements feel. This in turn will allow your brain to organize your own movements in ways that avoid pain and overcome limitations.

FS Lessons are $95 for a 45-50 minute lesson.

Movement Lessons

These can be in individual or group form and involve movement while lying, sitting or standing. I will guide you through gentle movements that are designed to increase your mobility and awareness of your body. People with movement limitations or pain are accommodated so as not to cause pain and discomfort or place stress on limbs and muscles. Students are encouraged to move slowly and gently and never use force to achieve a goal. The key to pain-free and effortless movement is organizing the various parts of the body to work together and eliminate unnecessary (and often habitual) contraction of muscles.

Individual Movement Lessons are the same cost as FS Lessons ($95). Group Movement Lessons are priced based upon the number of participants. Please contact me for more information.